MTG DECKLIST: R/B/U Grixis Treasure DECK JANUARY 2018 FT. BehindEyesGaming

Creatures (2):
2x Captain Lannery Storm

Enchantments/Artifacts (12):
3x Revel in Riches
3x Sunbird’s Invocation
2x Mechanized Production
4x Treasure Map

Instants/Sorcery (22):
4x Fatal Push
4x Abrade
3x Hornswoggle
2x Spell Swindle
3x Brass’s Bounty
3x Pirate’s Pillage
3x Pirate’s Prize

Lands (24):
4x Dragonskull Summit
4x Drowned Catacomb
2x Evolving Wilds
3x Canyon Slough
5x Island
3x Mountain
3x Swamp








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Author: GmasterSix

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