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My name is Gav but in the Gaming world I go by GmasterSix. Video games have been a source for entertainment for me for quite some time. My first system was the Super Nintendo system and since then I’ve bought and played many systems and games from Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation. I’m also a huge fan of trading card games.

I can still remember the day when I received my first trading card. The Pokemon Trading Card Game, or TCG, was all the rave at my elementary school, and all the kids had started playing. At the time I was out of the loop, I didn’t even know what trading cards were, but I enjoyed the Pokemon show so I wanted to get involved. One day at recess one of my friends gave me his Charmander trading card so I wouldn’t feel left out. Who knew that day, and that card, would change my life!

I loved the immense strategy that revolved around the game and began studying the different cards to not only perfect my own deck, but be better prepared against other Pokemon decks. It was at this time I became a “student of the game” and began attending tournaments.

Toy’s “R” Us used to hold weekend Pokemon TCG Tournaments called the Pokemon League. The Pokemon League would consist of adult or veteran players acting as Gym Leaders, just like in the show, and allow the players to attempt to collect badges by defeating them. It was my first experience in the local tournament scene and I loved it! I’ll never forget the day when my water deck, led by the Fossil Set Articuno, won my first local tournament.

I later got involved in Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2000 at the age of 10 and played casually until High School. Through the years I’ve learned a lot about playing the game and the strategy behind it, and as I did I became to play competitively and attend regionals.

I’ve created this site to share my thoughts and insights about the gaming phenomenon. As our technological limits are tested new and more advanced gaming equipment will be released and I look forward to writing about it. Trading Card Games are also consistently getting better and as new games come out I will report on them Thanks for visiting and see you inside!

Gav, GmasterSix
Founder of netdecknetwork.com

Email me at Gmastersix@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Gavin. According to your article, you have been involved in card trading for a long time. Your website shows that you are very knowledgeable in this field. Keep new articles coming!

    1. Hey Gavin, I really like the look for your site. My sons used to be so into Yu Gi Oh, and they used to watch all the programs….and go nuts finding and playing the cards.

      This is also a great idea for a website-I think a lot of people will be be frequent re-visitors and you will help a lot of them with your information.

      Take care, I will be checking back just to learn more and follow what you do.


      1. I was the same way growing up, and now I want to connect with new younger players introduced to the game as well as the older players who still remember when the first episode aired! Thanks for the visit, look forward to hearing from you again!

  2. A very interesting site, my kids played Pokemon years ago when they were very very young. I know nothing about card games myself though, but your fans will surely be keeping an eye on you!

    1. Hi Lydia! Yes Pokemon is still a very popular game, I will be moving into Pokemon articles a bit later down the line. Thanks for the visit!

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