Pokemon Decklist: Raichu GX/Pachirisu Deck April 2018 ft. The Pokemon Evolutionaries

Monsters (15):
3x Pachirisu
4x Pikachu
4x Raichu GX
1x Xurkitree GX
1x Oranguru
1x Shaymin EX
2x Tapu Lele GX  

Trainer Cards (14):
4x Max Elixer
2x Field Blower
4x Ultra Ball
2x Switch
1x Super Rod
1x Pal Pad

Supporters (14):
4x Cynthia
3x N
2x Sycamore
3x Guzma
2x Bridgette
Pokemon Tools (3):
3x Choice Band  

Energy (14):
14x Electric Energy

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Author: GmasterSix

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