Pokemon Decklist: Zoroark Magenezone Deck February 2018 ft. TrainerChip

Pokemon (21):
4x Zorua
4x Zoroark GX
2x Magnemite
2x Magnezone
3x Exeggcute
1x Shaymin EX
1x Sudowoodo
4x Tapu Lele GX

Trainer Cards/Ace Specs (15)
:4x Vs. Seeker
4x Puzzle of Time
4x Ultra Ball
2x Rare Candy
1x Computer Search
Supporters (15):
3x Colress
1x N1x Guzma
1x Acerola
1x Ghetsis
1x Plumaris
1x Karen
1x Pokemon Ranger
1x Professor Kukui
2x Hex Maniac
2x Bridgette

Pokemon Tools (2):
2x Choice Band

Stadiums (3):
3x Sky Field

Energy (4):
4x Double Colorless

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Author: GmasterSix

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