Yu-Gi-Oh! Decklist: Koala Deck June 2019 ft. Kiratwig2

Monsters (18):
3x Des Koala
2x Big Koala
2x Des Kangaroo
3x Sea Koala
2x Vampiric Koala
1x Tree Otter
2x Super Nimble Mega Hamster
1x Elephun
1x Key Mouse
1x King of the Swamp

Spells (22):
2x Closed Forest
1x Fusion Recycling Plant
2x Spiritual Forest
3x Ayers Rock Sunrise
2x Obedience Schooled
2x Polymerization
2x Terraforming
1x Scapegoat
1x Monster Reborn
Traps (6):
3x Horn of the Phantom Beast
1x Berserking
2x Fusion Reserve

Extra Deck (15):
1x Master of Oz
2x Koalo-Koala
1x Number 64: Ronin Racoon Sandayu
1x Leo of the Sacred Tree
1x Naturia Beast
1x Naturia Barkion
1x Missus Radiant
1x Akashic Magician
1x Underclock Taker
1x Security Dragon
1x Triple Burst Dragon
1x Knightmare Cerberus
1x Knightmare Phoenix
1x Borreload Dragon

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Author: GmasterSix

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